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       Available Sermons

Date Title Speaker
08-18-2018 Praying with God Elder Daniel Wilson
08-04-2018 In Stony Places Elder Donald Simms
07-28-2018 Haven't We Done Your Works? Pastor Roberts
07-21-2018 How Do You Treat God's Seed? Elder Donald Simms
07-14-2018 Three In One Pastor Roberts
07-07-2018 Serving God Without Compromise Elder Gary Beihl
06-30-2018 Which Seed Are You? Elder Donald Simms
06-23-2018 Church Works: I Timothy 4 Pastor Roberts
06-16-2018 Feeling or Principle Elder Bob Garner
06-09-2018 Women of the Word Pastor Roberts
06-02-2018 Bearing the Cross Elder Gary Beihl
05-26-2018 Church Works: Part 3, I Timothy 3 Pastor Roberts
05-19-2018 Do You Have Service? Elder Daniel Wilson
05-05-2018 Have You Tried God's Plan? Elder Donald Simms
04-28-2018 Church Works: Part 2, I Timothy 2 Pastor Roberts
04-14-2018 Church Works: I Timothy 1 Pastor Roberts 
04-07-2018 Seeking The Lost Elder Gary Beihl
03-31-2018 Is God Still Angry? Elder Donald Simms
03-24-2018 Dare To Be A Daniel Pastor Roberts
03-17-2018 Jesus Our Righteousness Elder Daniel Wilson
03-10-2018 Broken on the Rock Pastor Roberts
03-03-2018 Compromise, Conformity & Courage Elder  Bob Garner
02-24-2018 Owned, Loved, & Accepted Elder Daniel Wilson
02-17-2018 Walk In The Light Elder Gary Beihl
02-10-2018 Why Church? Pastor Roberts
02-03-2018 Can God, Who Is Love, Hate? Elder Donald Simms
01-27-2018 Bogus or Bonafide Pastor Roberts
01-20-2018 Surrendering for Victory Elder Bob Garner
01-13-2018 A New Year & A New Heart Pastor Roberts
01-06-2018 Baptized w/ The Holy Spirit & w/ Fire  Elder Gary Beihl
12-30-2017 Is God Still Our God? Elder Donald Simms
12-23-2017 The Blessed Virgin Mary Pastor Robinson
12-16-2017 The Machine We Call Man Pastor Robinson
12-09-2017 A Matter of Choice Pastor Robinson
11-25-2017 Jehoshaphat Pastor Robinson
11-18-2017 Holiday Eating Pastor Robinson
11-11-2017 Fill Me Up And Pour Me Out Elder Daniel Wilson
11-04-2017 Faith In Action Pastor Robinson
10-28-2017 An Awesome God Pastor Robinson
10-14-2017 What Is Faith? Elder Gary Beihl
10-07-2017 Missing the Millennium Pastor Robinson
09-30-2017 How Love Works Pastor Robinson
09-23-2017 He Is All I Need Elder Daniel Wilson
09-16-2017 The Person We Call God Pastor Robinson
09-09-2017 A Mighty Fortress Pastor Robinson
09-02-2017 Man's Three Experiences Pastor Robinson
08-26-2017 The Close of Human Probation Pastor Robinson
08-19-2017 On the Verge of the Kingdom Elder Gary Beihl
08-12-2017 God's Management Style Pastor Robinson
08-05-2017 The Inside God Pastor Robinson
07-29-2017 A Multi-Dimensional God Pastor Robinson
07-22-2017 Why Is Everyone Fighting Pastor Robinson
07-08-2017 Our Greatest  Need Gaye-Lois McKeiver
07-01-2017 If God Were President Pastor Robinson
06-24-2017 Reconcile Yourself With God Elder Bob Garner
06-17-2017 A God of Law Pastor Robinson
06-10-2017 Fellowship Devices Pastor Robinson
06-03-2017 Holiness Pastor Robinson
05-27-2017 We Are More Than Grasshoppers  Daniel Wilson
05-20-2017 The Time of Christ's Appearance Pastor Robinson
05-13-2017 Empty Lives Pastor Robinson
05-06-2017 Hypocrites Pastor Robinson
04-29-2017 Beware of Blessings Pastor Robinson
04-22-2017 What Makes Us Sin? Pastor Robinson
04-08-2017 Christ's Resurrection Pastor Robinson
04-01-2017 The Trees of Eden Pastor Robinson
03-25-2017 The Early Years of Eternity Pastor Robinson
03-18-2017 Sacred Concert Presented by Hartland College 3 Angels' Chorale
03-11-2017 Handling Anger Pastor Robinson
03-04-2017 A Case of Mistaken Identity Pastor Robinson
02-25-2017 Abiding in Christ Pastor Robinson
02-18-2017 Partners with God Pastor Robinson
02-11-2017 Daring to Ask for More Cindy Mercer
02-04-2017 God's Wardrobe Pastor Robinson
01-21-2017 Ten Virgins Don Simms
01-14-2017 Jesus, Yes! Church, No! Pastor Robinson
12-31-2016 God Giveth The Victory Bob Garner
12-24-2016 The Theology of the Wise Men Pastor Robinson
12-17-2016 Is Christmas God's Gift Don Simms
12-10-2016 A Religion of Hate Pastor Robinson
12-03-2016 Resistance Anh Pham
11-26-2016 Ten Grateful Lepers Pastor Robinson
11-19-2016 Wilt Thou Be Made Whole Lorenzo Scott
11-12-2016 Non-Discretionary Items Pastor Robinson
11-05-2016 Keep Walking Anh Pham
10-29-2016 Mount Sinai Pastor Robinson
10-15-2016 Babylon Don Simms
10-01-2016 Bone Check Health Bob Garner
09-24-2016 Why God Tests Us Pastor Robinson
09-17-2016 Voluntary Lobotomy Bob Garner
09-10-2016 No Longer a Memory Pastor Robinson
09-03-2016 One Who Beats the Air Anh Pham
08-27-2016 Ravenous Ravens Pastor Robinson
08-20-2016 How Long til Salvation Bob Garner
08-13-2016 Being Lied To Pastor Robinson
08-06-2016 Give Glory to Him Don Simms
07-30-2016 Searching Anh Pham
07-23-2016 Symbols of Suffering Pastor Robinson
07-16-2016 Fear God Don Simms
07-09-2016 Automation Pastor Robinson
07-02-2016 Emotions vs. Salvation Bob Garner
06-25-2016 Two Kinds of Righteouusness Pastor Robinson
06-18-2016 As a Father Carries His Child Anh Pham
06-11-2016 Baptisms Pastor Robinson
06-04-2016 Time to Clean the House, part 2 Don Simms
05-28-2016 Jesus Our Partner Pastor Robinson
05-21-2016 Time to Clean the House, part 1 Don Simms
05-14-2016 Jesus Our Substitute Pastor Robinson
05-07-2016 Pilates Predicament Bob Garner
04-30-2016 Do You Hear What I Hear Stanley Knight
04-23-2016 Jesus' Unique Right Pastor Robinson
04-16-2016 See What You Have Anh Pham
04-09-2016 Stranger in the Sky Pastor Robinson
03-19-2016 It Is the Gift of God Don Simms
03-26-2016 Daring Disciples in a Deceptive World Steve Vail
03-19-2016 Our Daily Bread Anh Pham
02-27-2016 God's Amazing Grace Pastor Robinson